Michael Farahnik is EVP of Leasing and Risk Management at StarPoint Properties, in which he has actively been involved in managing and executing on over $800 million worth of real estate projects. Mr. Farahnik is responsible for the firm’s risk management, renovation, and rehabilitation programs. He has an extensive background and expertise in the real estate industry which he acquired while focusing in the multifamily, office, and retail sectors for over 20 years. Prior to his involvement in real estate, Mr. Farahnik was actively involved in the operations and senior management of several manufacturing firms and was instrumental in the sales of these business to their competitors. Mr. Farahnik has been very involved with the California Apartment Association, which is the largest, statewide trade association, representing over 50,000 owners. He served as president of California Apartment Associations’ LA chapter from 2009-2011 and continues to serve on the CAA board.

Michael Farahnik

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