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StarPoint Properties is a real estate investment and operating company with a 25 year track record of delivering outstanding and above market returns to its investors by focusing on the acquisition, development and redevelopment of under-valued multifamily and commercial properties. The primary goal of the firm is to deliver asymmetrical returns vs risk and to outperform most other alternative investment vehicles, which the firm has done during its entire history.

The firm’s success comes from leveraging: seasoned management team, proprietary underwriting systems, decades of developed infrastructure and sourcing the right strategic assets through its deep acquisition network.

The firm believes that real estate should not be a speculative investment.  It is an operating business that requires operating sophistication coupled with an intelligent and disciplined acquisition strategy.  In this pursuit, we have developed a vertically integrated operating business that allows us to control and master the core drivers of the business enabling us to execute at a high level, control risks and deliver results.


We will never compromise our ethics or values. Our reputation and integrity are integral to who we are.

Tenant satisfaction is our priority, one which we will achieve through quality, service and value.

We will continue to develop and improve our systems and procedures so that our property management is world class.

Our investors are our partners and critical to our success. We must continue to earn their confidence by providing them with consistently superior financial returns.

We will continue to acquire properties using extreme discipline, only purchasing exceptional investments and treating our investor’s capital as if it is our own.

Our family of employees is our most important resource and we will always focus on professional and personal development through continuous training and support in a positive and fun environment.


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