StarPoint’s Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone Tax Advantages

StarPoint’s deeply experienced real estate investment team takes advantage of the generational opportunity through its established OZ program and offers a programmatic, tax advantaged opportunity that projects above market returns.

Access to an existing and successful OZ program developed and managed by an experienced team

Above market returns – projected 25-30% IRR over a 10 year period, A-ROI of 25-30%

Tax benefits available for the first time in generations

Potential to realize above market returns and substantial tax savings

Defer capital gains tax until December 31, 2026 and investments are projected to pay all or most of the taxes that will be due in 2026

Tax-free appreciation if investment is held up to 10 years

Depreciation recapture on OZ asset is eliminated, once 10-year holding period is achieved


Pipeline of the highest quality assets in the most favorable locations


Multiple enhanced exit strategies to accelerate returns


Prime and Prime: Focused on foundational real estate

  • Tier 1 Markets and targeted sub-market strategy
  • Developing Class A / Core Assets
  • Strongest U.S. real estate sectors – multifamily and industrial

Investors have the unique opportunity to engage with the most flexible investment structure in the industry to suit their individual needs:

  • Multi asset diversified fund
  • Single assets at pre-Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (“TCO”)
  • Single assets that are entitled and ready for construction


StarPoint focuses on the most favorable real estate sectors, multifamily and industrial, targeting the strongest domains and developing within select Opportunity Zones.

The StarPoint OZ advantage is its unique ability to acquire the highest quality investments within the most desirable locations.

Projected 10-Year Returns
QOZ Funds1
US Equities2
US Real
US Bonds2
1. Investor level projected average annual ROI
2. Source: BlackRock Investment Institute 10-year forward projections as of April 2022
Opportunity Zones Set to Outperform

Developments within Opportunity Zones are projected to outperform traditional U.S. real estate investment returns

The Starpoint Multi Asset Fund:

  • Projected to deliver a 14-16% IRR
  • Projected to deliver annualized ROI 25-30%
  • Recycle assets and capital to enhance returns

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