The StarPoint Impact

ESG plays a prominent role in StarPoint’s real estate investment strategy through every stage of the property lifecycle, from due diligence to acquisitions and ongoing asset management. StarPoint equally evaluates environmental, social, and governance considerations across all investments.


StarPoint utilizes industry leading environmental programs to:

Reduce energy consumption
Minimize greenhouse gas emissions
Reduce 50% water usage by 2030*
Implement building enhancements to improve the health and well-being of tenants


StarPoint recognizes the importance of providing affordable and workforce housing, job creation, employment diversification and is taking action by:

Building workforce housing within multifamily projects
Bringing businesses and jobs into under-developed, strong regional infrastructure locations within StarPoint’s industrial projects
Implement building enhancements to improve the health and well-being of tenants
Allocating a portion of construction contracts to minorities, women-owned businesses and local subcontractors


StarPoint ensures a sufficiently implemented ESG program through ongoing internal evaluation and constant project improvements through:

Active members of the Development & Construction team lead ESG integration from project planning inception through completion
Engagement of a third party consultant in assisting with the planning and execution of sustainability strategies
Proper integration of ESG Best Practices during stabilized building operations

StarPoint’s Goals


Reduce waste during our ownership period, targeting a minimum reduction of 5% below the existing condition at acquisition


Achieve 100% paperless leasing process


Attain 20% less environmental burden than older and existing stock of buildings

Developments will have one of the following minimum requirements and components:
Leed Certified or Silver or Green Globes Scored
of construction contracts or costs to minority and women owned business
of construction contracts or costs to local subcontractors
75 score
Energy Star score of 75 or higher
Emissions Reduction by 2032 with 2009 Baseline
water reduction by 2032 with 2009 baseline
Dedicated to one charity

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