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Buffett’s Strategy Looks Set to Profit During Market Turmoil Warren Buffett is one of the world’s most successful and famous value investors. But the Sage of Omaha’s strategy has… 5/2023 Why Managers Fail to Beat Benchmarks Nearly 90 percent of fund managers fail to beat their benchmark indices, according to Standard & Poor’s. This is a… 3/2023 Asymmetric Returns are Key to Surviving Today’s Volatile Markets Everyone can agree that it is preferable to have your investments rise in value faster and farther in good times… 11/2022 The Best Hedge for the Unfolding Crisis Mark Twain was a terrible investor. His business ventures went bankrupt and he had to do his famous speaking tour… 8/2022 Sobering Day Arrives for Junk-Addicted Markets The long-feared day of reckoning for the junk bond market appears to be at hand. The Federal Reserve’s 14-year suppression… 8/2022 What's Wrong with Our Economy that We Don’t See? There’s an insidious idea in economics that causes even sophisticated policymakers to blunder again and again. It’s the trope that… 3/2022 The Trifecta of Macro-Economic Risks | Debt, Deficit, and Inflation It is a common misconception that high debt, deficit, and inflation are bad for society. The truth is that in… 2/2022 Is Cash Safe? People say that cash is king, but there are serious threats to its reign. In medieval parlance, you could say… 1/2022 Why I Invest in StarPoint Deals: An Insider's Guide w/ Greg Jones 1/2022 How StarPoint Finds Ideal Real Estate Locations with Sandy Schmid 12/2021

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