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Why Productive Assets Outperform Nonproductive Ones Over the past 30 years, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq—both productive assets—have surged almost fivefold and eightfold, respectively. In contrast, gold, a… 1/2024 The Federal Reserve and Your Investments: What History Can – and Can’t – Tell Us By: Paul Daneshrad, StarPoint Properties Introduction The debate raging in the financial commentariat over when and how much the Federal… 11/2023 How First-Time Real Estate Investors Can Strategically Leverage Key Tax Advantages “Real estate is an easy way to make money.” It’s a sentiment I often hear from people looking to make… 11/2023 What the Bond Market Is Trying to Tell Us About the Economy Author: Taylor Trautloff What is an Inverted Yield Curve An inverted yield curve is when short-term interest rates exceed long-term… 10/2023 Threats & Opportunities in the CRE market: Using These to Your Advantage In today’s market, smart investors understand the need to hedge their bets, especially considering the market fluctuations and historical trends.… 8/2023 Great Leaders Need to Overcome Failure We are not born with resilience and grit, and this is cultivated through overcoming setbacks. The hallmark of a great… 7/2023 Buffett’s Strategy Looks Set to Profit During Market Turmoil Warren Buffett is one of the world’s most successful and famous value investors. But the Sage of Omaha’s strategy has… 5/2023 Why Managers Fail to Beat Benchmarks The Reality of Underperformance: Active Funds vs Passive ETFs Nearly 90 percent of fund managers fail to beat their benchmark… 3/2023 Asymmetric Returns are Key to Surviving Today’s Volatile Markets Everyone can agree that it is preferable to have your investments rise in value faster and farther in good times… 11/2022 The Best Hedge for the Unfolding Crisis Mark Twain was a terrible investor. His business ventures went bankrupt, and he had to do his famous speaking tour… 8/2022

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