Beverly Hills, CA

StarPoint Properties Announces the Launch of its Opportunity Zone Fund. The fund is focused on developing multi-family and Industrial assets in core markets that will deliver exceptional real estate and make a social impact. The seed assets for the fund launch are in California, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. The fund has a pipeline of core assets that will follow. ‘We are excited about the OZ program that we are bringing to market and to our investors. It is real estate with exceptional fundamentals and returns. We are going to deliver core real estate in the best markets in the country and deliver needed jobs and housing to the communities we serve.
It’s foundational real estate,’ said Paul Daneshrad, CEO & Founder of Starpoint Properties.

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About Starpoint Properties

Starpoint Properties is a real estate investment and operating company with a 25-year track record of delivering exceptional market returns to its investors by focusing on the acquisition, development and redevelopment of under-valued multifamily and commercial properties. The primary goal of the firm is to deliver asymmetrical risk adjusted returns and to outperform most other alternative investment vehicles.

StarPoint Properties is located at 433 N. Camden Drive, Suite 1000 in Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
For more information, visit or email

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