Paul Daneshrad

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Paul Daneshrad is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of StarPoint Properties, a private real estate investment firm, specializing in both commercial and multi-family properties. The firm’s expertise and niche is acquiring under-valued and mismanaged assets and dramatically increasing the value of these properties through repositioning, strategic leasing, rehabilitation and professional management.

Mr. Daneshrad’s experience in the real estate field has been broad and deep, having been involved in the development, management and ownership of real estate since 1990. After graduating from California State University Northridge, Mr. Daneshrad founded StarPoint Properties, growing the company steadily over the years to include large apartment complexes, retail centers and office buildings as well as establishing a fully integrated property management division. Since its inception, StarPoint has acquired over 8,000 apartment units and 2.5 million square feet of commercial properties, totaling in excess of $1 billion worth of real estate. The company currently has a portfolio of approximately 2,800 apartment units and 2 million square feet of commercial properties.

StarPoint was built on the foundation that property operations, management and a proprietary, disciplined acquisition strategy are the core competency of the business and Mr. Daneshrad has built a vertical firm whose management and departments excel at real estate execution. This is best exemplified by the firm’s track record and historical performance, which is 3rd party reviewed and published, delivering investors returns that far exceed most industry averages and alternate investment strategies.

Mr. Daneshrad is considered an expert in the real estate investment community. He speaks at national conferences, is frequently quoted by and has written articles for several real estate publications including: Net Lease Forum, Multi-Family Executive, California Real Estate Journal, Multi-Housing News, National Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Southern California, and Commercial Property News.

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