A real estate investment firm with over 35 years of experience, StarPoint Properties has made aname for itself by consistently delivering above-market returns through an innovative and disciplined approach to real estate investing. With a portfolio exceeding a billion dollars and returns that continually outshine the S&P 500, Dow Jones, or most private equity funds, what’s been the key to their enduring success?“

A lot of real estate firms are specialists in one area,” says StarPoint Founder & CEO, Paul Daneshrad. “They’ll just do multi-family or retail, and they’re stuck with that. If all you sell are apples, you always think apples are the best and need apples to be a performer all the time.”

At StarPoint, they remain agile, operating what they call a ‘Prime and Prime’ strategy—looking for prime markets and prime real estate classes that will outperform in certain markets. The firm’s agility and entrepreneurial spirit result in them identifying lower-risk, higher-return opportunities in the wider real estate arena.

When you couple their highly skilled management team with a real estate network they’ve built over decades, StarPoint can pinpoint standout investments in any section of the property market. With a deep following of institutions and private investors, StarPoint has both the insight and financial backing needed to capitalize on opportunities quickly.

The firm’s tax-efficient structure further sets it apart. “In opportunity zones,” explains Paul, “if you hold an asset for 10 years, you don’t pay any taxes on your gains. It’s basically the only program in the country where there are no taxes on any future profits.”

With StarPoint leveraging depreciation and 1031 exchanges as well as opportunity zones, the company is proving to be a hugely attractive investment option and one of the most tax efficient investment vehicles available.

With a looming US economic crisis tied to structural debt issues, StarPoint remains proactive in delivering a reliable investment solution. By strategically capitalizing on the current real estate cycle and using reduced property prices as a buying opportunity, the firm aims to double in size over the next 3 to 5 years. A shooting star, indeed.

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